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I was a single dad pretty much forever, now I am gloriously retired! I moved from Texas to the Philippines in 2013. There is only 1 temple in the country – and it is not on this island. I have not seen a devotee in 10 years. This site is my attempt at some association.

I will try to add some blogs occasionally, but no promises as of yet. The top menu has some static pages from my old tukaram.net website. It covered many topics, but those pages were the bulk of my ISKCON section. I deleted the Ultima Online, pirates, train set, chain mail jewelry, family gallery… it was a messy site. But to be fair it was from 2000. Before social media and inexpensive online storage (like Google Photos).

Tukaram.net is an independently managed web site dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and information related to Krishna conscious vision and activities. While endeavoring to be ISKCON and GBC friendly, Tukaram.net does not officially speak for ISKCON or the GBC.

We will treat all stories and contributions with respect, but as a single owner website, Tukaram das will make all final editorial decisions.

Feel free to use the contact form, below, if you have any questions.

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