Welcome to Britannia


Ah! You have finally made your way to Britannia.  Thank the Virtues you finally got here.  We have been eagerly awaiting your arrival.  These are troubled times for us and we desperately need your assistance.  There are many vile and evil creatures plaguing our fair lands. I have been given the pleasant task of helping you begin your journey.  

This journey starts, as most journeys do, at the beginning.  Feel free to skip ahead a little if you have already completed some of these tasks.  I will try to start with a brief introduction to the game interface, then move into a more detailed description.  I will not be explaining every tiny detail of the game as exploring and learning are very important parts of the journey.  


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Death & Resurrection
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Signing in:

To enter Britannia you must first enter your account name and password.  ~Remember to NEVER give out your account information to ANYONE!!~    No Game Master or EA official will ever ask for your password in the game. Unfortunately the monsters aren't the only ones to watch out for. There are some unscrupulous players as well. 

Enter your account name and password.

Shard Selection: 

      You now have the choice of Shards to visit.  You may have 5 characters on each Shard (except Siege and Mugen, they are advanced Shards with only one character allowed)  The Shards are spread around the globe so it is usually best to choose one that is geographically close to you.  You may want to try out a few and see which one you get the fastest connection with.   

You can use a program called UOTrace to test your connection speeds to all the shards. It is on the official UO website, they recommend it for diagnosing connection problems.  

This is the current list of Shards and locations.

North American East
Great Lakes
Lake Superior
Siege Perilous
Test Sosaria

North American West
Lake Austin
Napa Valley

Western Europe






Once you have chosen a shard you will begin creating your first character.

Character  Creation: 

You get to choose your characters gender, skin tone, hair color, and hairstyle (facial hair for men only!) Choose your name carefully.  You can not change it later yourself.  You can pay EA to change it, but it is easier & cheaper to get it right first. (double check the spelling)   
This name was poorly chosen! 


Choosing a Profession: 

   There are 7 pre-made templates you can use for your character or you can use the advanced option.  It is best to use one of the templates for your first character. You can design one from scratch later.  You really should get a feel for the game first, so you know which skills to choose.  The template choices are Samurai, Warrior, Blacksmith, Mage, Paladin, and Necromancer.  

Each of the 7 Templates starts with an introductory Quest.  During the quest you will be instructed by NPC's (non-player characters), and pop-up screens.  The quest is a very good introduction to the game interface.  You will be instructed how to interact with the NPC's, use you backpack inventory, the bank, and (depending on the template) fight, heal, do treasure maps, mine ore etc...

Starting Templates 

Samurai (Symbol: Helmet)
A true Samurai warrior strives for perfection in everything, not least of all in the art of combat. Wisdom, honor, fearlessness in the face of the enemy – these are the hallmarks of this venerable profession.

Starting Equipment: Waraji & Tabi (shoes), Tattsuke-Hakama (pants), Hakama (skirt), Hakama-Shita (shirt), Leather Jigasa (hat), Bokuto (weapon),  a Book of Bushido (special move book), 50 bandages, scissors, and 1000 Gold.

Starting Title: Apprentice Samurai


Ninja (Symbol: Throwing Star) 
The discipline of Ninjitsu is not for the weak of body or mind. You must build dexterity, you must move silently, you must think and act quickly, because your very life depends on it.

Starting Equipment: Ninja Tabi (shoes), Tattsuke-Hakama, Hakama-Shita, Kasa (hat), Tekagi (claw-weapon), a smoke bomb, a Book of Ninjitsu (special move book), and 1000 Gold.

Starting Title: Apprentice Ninja


Warrior (Symbol: crossed swords)
Warriors are physically the toughest of adventurers, battling their foes in all-out, hand-to-hand combat. Such individuals require great strength to wear heavy armor and survive battles with dangerous foes.
Starting Equipment: Thigh boots, katana, studded leather tunic, studded leather gorget, studded leather leggings, studded leather sleeves, studded leather gloves, helm, 50 bandages, scissors, and 1000 gold.
Starting Title: Apprentice Warrior

Magician (Symbol: wizard's hat)
Magicians prefer to avoid any sort of physical combat. Instead, they use a powerful array of magical spells to attack opponents, and protect themselves. A skilled magician is a formidable opponent. The key to playing a magician successfully is keeping track of your mana. As mana levels get too low, run away and meditate, or at least rest. A mage with no mana is a sitting duck.
Starting Equipment: Shirt, pants/skirt, shoes, mage's hat, robe, spellbook, 50 of each spell reagent, 3 random spell scrolls, and 1000 gold.
Starting Title: Apprentice Mage

Blacksmith (Symbol: anvil)
The blacksmith’s job is to locate and mine ore, smelt it into ingots, and forge the ingots into weapons and armor to sell at shops or to other players. The blacksmith should find a public smithy to use initially in order to create ingots and forge them into equipment. The most skilled of these craftsmen can create items of exceptional quality and durability, inscribing them with a maker’s mark as a sign of the smith’s prowess.
Starting Equipment: Shirt, pants/skirt, smith's hammer, leather gloves, tinker's kit, pickaxe, 50 iron ingots, apron, and 1000 gold.
Starting Title: Apprentice Blacksmith

Paladin (Symbol: plumed helm)
As a holy warrior, the Paladin uses divine power to heal wounds, cure poison and disease, lift curses, improve his fighting abilities, and assist fellow adventurers in the fight against darkness and evil.
Starting Equipment: Broad sword, plate gloves, plate gorget, chain legs, helm, blue cloak, blue sash, thigh boots, 50 bandages, a full Book of Chivalry, and 1000 gold.
Starting Title: Apprentice Paladin

Necromancer (Symbol: dark energy)
The Necromancer practices the dark arts and can inflict pain, pestilence, cold, and vile curses against his hapless foes. His power comes from the wide range of spells and curses available to him.
Starting Equipment: Bone Harvester (weapon), sandals, long skirt, 50 of each Necromancy reagent, a Tome of Necromancy with a few low level spells, some leather armor (cap, tunic, sleeves, gloves, and gorget), and 1000 gold.
Starting Title: Apprentice Necromancer


 Advanced Character

In the advanced character creation you choose 3 skills.  You get 100 skill points to use as well as 80 Stat points.  The 3 stats are strength, mana, and intelligence. (more on skills/stats later)


In the advanced option you also choose your starting city.  There is a description of each city on the screen.   Again, it is recommended you use a pre-made template for your first character.


Entering Britannia:

As a brand new character you will enter Britannia with a protected "young" status.  You will start in Uzeram's house, in the city of Haven. (the Necromancer starts in the city of Umbra)  Do not forget to accept the quest.  Not only will you get some valuable experience but you also receive some items during the quest and 1000 gold upon completion!

You will maintain the "young" status until your account has 40 hours of game play or until your character has over 450 skill points.  The 450 points is on a character basis but the 40 hour timer affects the entire account. It is very easy to burn up all your "young" time on one character.  Try to make a few character types and do the quest's while still "young".  As a "young" player you have some very good benefits and a few restrictions.  

The restrictions are very few and quite simple.

A "young" player cannot:

The benefits far outweigh the restrictions. 

"Young" player protection:

How do you lose "young" status?


On this illustration you can see the paper doll of your character, the overhead map, and the open backpack (inventory).  There are buttons at the top of your screen to open each of these.  

If you use the advanced option you will appear by an Inn at the city you choose.  You must be in a Tavern or Inn when you log out or your character will stay in-game for 5 minutes (attackable).  If you use a Tavern, Inn, or a house you are "Friended" to you will log out immediately. (more on housing later)

Reminder: As long as you have the "young" status you can log out instantly, anywhere.



 The Paper doll:

The paper doll has quite a few features.  You have a row of buttons (most are self-explanatory) The top button switches you from Peace mode to War mode. The button text will change according to your peace/war state.  (a few of the buttons are also on the top of your screen) The Map button opens the overhead map. As you make your way around towns you will encounter lots of people and all the conversations will appear on your screen, if you miss something you open your Journal and see what has been said. 
The Options brings up a big option screen.  You can set screen size, make macros, set sound levels etc... We will cover Macros, Profile, Status, Guilds, and Skills later.  The Party menu allows you to join in a party with other players.  In a hunting party you will share fame. karma. and looting rights with other players. This is a great way to make in-game friends, and take on monsters too hard for you to fight solo. 

You will also see your three status bars.  They display your Health, Intelligence, and your Stamina in a graph. (Blue is good, Red is bad)

The backpack opens your backpack, plus you can simply drop loot on the backpack icon and it will place the item in your inventory.

The book buttons open your Spells, Chivalry, or Necromancer books. These three must actually be in your inventory to open  The purple book button opens your "Special Moves" book. (yes you guessed it, more on this later)



Skill Management: 

When you click on the skill button on your paper doll it will open a skills list.  This is where you can mark skills to raise, lower, or lock.  Keep in mind that you only get 700 skill points to use.  As your account ages you will receive an additional 5 points per year, up to 720 points.  
As you interact with the various NPC's you will see that most of them will buy and sell items.  Some of them also will offer training in their respective skills.  You can pay them to train you in a skill, up to about 30 points.  If you are already skilled beyond their training level the skill will be grayed out on the list.

You will probably want to choose a few skills to train.  You will start the game with 1000 gold, it will go fast.  Don't purchase too many skills, the first 30 points of any skill gain pretty fast.  Some you may consider training may be Taming, Magery, or Healing.  These skills are virtually useless below 30 and are either too slow or expensive to train yourself. We will cover more on skills in the Template section.

During your hunting you will want to keep most of the monster loot to sell and raise cash.  The banker in Haven will buy almost anything. (weapons, armor, jewels...)

In your character profile you can type in some info about your character, write stories, whatever you want.  There are some very interesting profiles out there!

It will also display your account age. (age is not visible to other players)




  To access your bank box you simply go near a Banker (or minter) and say "bank".  You can also use the context menu on the NPC.  To get the context menu simply left click on the NPC and a list of options will pop-up.
You can only carry so much weight with you.  If you are dealing in large sums of money you need to use a check. To make a check simply go to a Banker and say "check XXXX" (where the X's is the amount of the check)  This may not be a problem right away, but it is good to know for later.  (if you try to pass too much gold to another player it may drop to the ground (a very expensive, but common, lesson.)
To cash a check just make sure it is the top layer of your bank (not in a container) and double click the check, it will cash in and give you piles of gold in the bank.  Anything you put in the bank in any town will be available to you at any bank on that Shard.  Any town, any Facet.  Your character has a weight limit (depending on your strength) but the bank box has no weight limit.  There is, however, a limit of 125 items in your bank box, as well as 125 items in your backpack.
Don't try to fool the Banker.  He always keeps good track of your account. 


Combat & Looting: 


To engage in combat you simply go into war mode and double click the monster you wish to fight.  The damage numbers in red are the damage you are dealing to your target.  The numbers in yellow are the damage you are receiving.  During your "young" quest you will get plenty of experience in fighting.  Around Haven most of the monsters are not too tough.  If you find yourself in over your head you can usually outrun them if needed.  Don't feel bad if you run, simply train up on something a little easier then come back for revenge!

Once you kill the monster you get to loot it.  Double click the corpse and it will open the body.  You can pick what loot you wish to take.  Keep in mind that gems are often overlooked.  It is not uncommon to get more gold's worth in gems than in actual gold! (the Haven banker is your best friend) 


On many corpses you can double click on a bladed item, to get a target cursor, then target the corpse.  You can gather leather hides and meat from your kills.  The piles of hides are quite heavy, you can use your scissors on them to cut them into pieces. They will weigh a lot less..  The leather can be used for crafting, if you have a Tailor.  Or you can sell the hides to the NPC Tanner, or another player.  The Tanner is usually in a Tailor shop
If you did not do enough damage to a creature you will not get looting rights.   you will be informed that you do not have rights.  The corpse name will appear blue.  After 2 minutes the name will turn gray and it is lootable by anyone.  It is common for people to train in fighting skills and leave some, or all, of the loot on the corpse.  In the early stages of the game scavenging can be a good source of income.

Death & Resurrection

Some things in life are avoidable, death, unfortunately, is not.   Eventually in your travels here in Sosaria you will die. (perhaps often).  During your "young" status death is not a very serious issue.  Upon death you will be automatically transported to the Healer shoppe.  You will get resurrected with all your possessions intact.  In addition to easy resurrections you will also get healing, when needed, by wandering healers.

Do not get too used to this this special treatment, it doesn't last long.    Once you lose the "young" status you will need to keep a sharp lookout for the wandering healers, or travel with friends.  The healers will no longer heal you but they will resurrect you.  A player can resurrect you as well if they have high enough Magery or Healing.  A player can not see your ghost unless you are in war mode.  Your inventory will stay on your body and you must retrieve it before your body decays. (approx. 5 minutes?)


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