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Don't forget to check out my Pirate page! It's not Ultima but it's fun too.

I have stopped playing Ultima and cancelled all accounts (summer 2008).  I will leave this up as reference but will not be updating anything.  If you see something out of date or wrong... sorry.  It was a good run but I have simply moved on.

       My name is Tukaram.  I'm making an Ultima site because there are so few of them I felt it was needed. (/sarcasm.)  Ok we really don't NEED it but I just want to do it anyway.  I used to post on the MyUOBoard, Stratics Forum, and (usenet), as Tukaram.  With the unfortunate demise of the UOBoards, I no longer post there. (nor does anyone else). I am on staff at  UOForums, I am the Lead Moderator.   I post pretty regularly on Stratics as well.  You may see me around Great Lakes.  My main characters are  MilesSimon, Milenko, and Puck.  I also run around as TukaramTukaElvis Costello, and Sebastion..  (I obviously have NO life)  This page will not be updated very often because I am a single dad, I work full time, I play Ultima waaaaaaay too much, and I'm too lazy to come update it regularly.  Also you will want to check out the official UO website at

I don't really have much to add to the vast info that is already available.  I will mainly be putting up things I find of interest to keep it all in one place for myself.   Just use the menu bar on the top of the screen to get around the site.   At my house I have all the dye tubs for visitor use.  I have a small but efficient Rune Library.  There is a locked down book, on top of each stack of Rune books, that says what is in the stack.  In the bookshelf there are all the in-game books to read.  There is a forge and a water trough downstairs for your use as well.  The house is located at 57o 7N, 39o 18W, Malas, Great Lakes.

   I put together a collection of the old Hildebrandt UO pictures. Here is a link to a few sizes of his famous picture.

Be sure to check out my Newbie Guide, it's got quite a bit of helpful info.  One of the highlights of my sight right now are the maps.  I have over 200 Treasure Map locations (pictures, exact coordinates, Runes at my house to all)  I also have all the Zeefzorpul locations. (if anyone cares anymore, I use the hag for t-maps, and Sacrifice gains)   I have a very good Weapon Damage Calculator.  My charts for the AOS Armor/Resist are also a great reference.  Use the Navigation Bar at the top of the screen to get around.  I'm working on Skill Guides a little at a time.  Check back and see what's new.

Thanks for stopping by!

Some UO:ML info: This is a temporary section until the beta is over.  Then I will work on some permanent addition.  The info may be out of date because they keep changing things during the beta.  ~~Ok I know the beta is long over but I have not made anything permanent yet, but almost everything about ML bores the crap out of me.~~

Collection Rewards

Mondains Legacy Wiki (external link)


I've been messing around with Sigs a little lately.  Here's a few I've done for my own use.




  Site notes:

12NOV05 Had to remove the free guestbook.  It had an ad banner that I had no control over.  It kept putting up ads for free shards so I removed the guestbook.

19Jun06 Added a new Guestbook.  Hope it works out.

24MAY05 Added a page in the Tips menu for UOAssist macros and tips.  Also had to disable the Guestbook, we started getting bombarded with spam post full of 'questionable' links.

10MAY05 I've started redoing my entire treasure map database.  I will be taking new pictures and adding more info on the page i.e.: UOAM#, THB#, Long/Lat, and X/Y coordinates.  I have done about half the islands but the mainland will take forever!

6MAR05 Added a few screenshots of the Tokuno Artifacts on Test Center.

27FEB05. Added pictures for the FCB Net Toss!

28DEC04. Added the Weapon Damage Calculator.

13NOV04.  Made a few small changes, added a bit on skills.  I'm just trying to clean up the site a bit, some of the info has gotten old (like me)

29MAY04.  I finally got my menu to work in Netscape as well as IE.  Please e-mail if there are any problems. 

14 APR04  NOTE:  All my vendor info is waaaay out of date.  The house in the directions has runes to my new house (18x18 finally)  I will update pictures and such soonish (I hope)

Note: I  have just been informed that the page looks like crap in Netscape.  Sorry,  I'm not redoing the menu bar anytime soon.  I will work on a Netscape version eventually.  (I want to leave the bar I have for IE but don't know how to make Netscape ignore it.)

8APR03 finally opens!!!! one note however.  **  The Treasure Map section is going to take quite a while to update.   **

30MAR03  Ianstorm naked hunting party!  Picture link is on button bar.

1FEB03 NEW Pages added. Be sure to check out my new Armor/Resist info for AOS!!  Handy reference charts.

1JAN03 added some good skill building tips.  So far I have crafting tips - what to make for best skill gains.  Melee tips - what to fight for best gains.  Also Magery, Fishing, Lock picking tips.  My favorite is the Skill Decay list, this when used with UO's Skill Management Guide has really helped me with skill gains.

9JAN03 I finally finished my Treasure Map section!!! I have all the coordinates and pictures here on the site and all the runes at my house. (Great Lakes, Trammel)



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