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 My kids and I decided recently to get back into HO train modeling,  I have a 10x13 shed out back that needs some attention and a train set would make the shed very happy.  I have been into trains forever really.  I had a hinged shelf when I was a kid back in the '70's.  My aunt made the shelf for me.  It was a bit limited on scenery as it had to fold up out of the way when not in use. 

I've had two real layouts so far in my adult life.  (lots of trains set up on the floor over the years)  My first layout was a 4x10 sheet of plywood that was in the garage of a rent house we lived in back in '85-'86.  It was pretty flat.  I concentrated on my buildings and people at the time.  I simply had a grass mat on the flat table, and an oval of track with some turnouts.  Pretty boring really but why put too much into it when I would be moving out.

During my Navy years I had everything boxed up mostly.  I had a friend on the ship while stationed in Hawaii and we would set up the trains in the living room sometimes. He thought my wife was SOOO cool for letting us do that. (his wife wouldn't??)

After the Navy I started a big layout in my dads garage. (renting the house, planned on buying it)  I had the table built and most of the track laid when my wife and I got divorced.  I took everything down again and bought a house near the kids school, so they could walk to school.  (single fatherhood is a bit tough so being close to school and church was handy)  Well my kids and I have been in this house for about 10 years so we decided it was time to build our layout.

We decided to build a diorama to test our scenery skills.  Click the picture to see the project.



Bad weather kept me indoors a couple weeks so I worked on buildings at my living room desk.  Today I finally got to finish the profile board, hang the skirt, and start on planting grass!  It is finally starting to look like a train set.   



I got all the track laid and put up the profile board.



Doing the foam risers and inclines.  And plastering the layout.


8JAN06 - I lied!! (or was just wrong?)  I worked on the shed for one day and got the ceiling fixed then the next day I built the whole table! Now I'm just waiting on my track from 1stplacehobbies.com
3JAN06 - Our shed is pretty scary.  We have a LOT of work to get it ready to even think about building our table. 

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