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Only here (not a guarantee) - free opportunity to find out everything about yourself, discover hidden abilities, save thousands of dollars in counseling fees, find a way out of difficult situations!  (OK maybe not...but have some fun anyway)

When the test screen pops up just click the Start Test and you don't have to enter a username or password.  They are there if you want to actually track your results.  Why???     I have about 200 of these silly things.  It will take a looooong time to get more loaded.  

  Shower (1)
The test describes you according to the part of body you wash first in the shower. 

Do people like you? (10)
What do people feel about you? Are you interesting for them? The test questions are aimed to finding out your status.

  Favourite colour (1)
Your favorite color will tend to be chosen by you especially in your clothing and home decor -- it's the one that mirrors the sexual you. Psychologists have found an association between color and sexual patterns

What kind of person are you ? (15)
Try honestly, not deceiving yourself, answer 15 questions of the test.

Are you ready for sex? (6)
"Sex is cool!", your friends assert leerily. Maybe cool... How could you know it, if you still never tried? But you want it so much! Before flinging yourself into the exciting world of sex, will you please find out if you are ready? First answer to our test not to doubt at the push "Do I really need this?"

How lesbian are you? (9)
For women. More or less all women are inclined to homosexuality. The question is to what extent... Let us check it!

You and sex. (20)
The test characterizes your attitude towards sex.

Dream (1)
The test gives you an interesting way to find out more about yourself.

How others see you (10)
This simple test lets you know how others see you.

Professional IQ (15)
This test helps to determine style of behavior in business sphere.

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