Sword of Prosperity (daisho)

         Luck 200

         Mage Weapon -0

         Spell Channeling

         Faster Casting 1

         100% Fire Damage

  Sword of the Stampede (no-dachi)

         Cold Damage 100%

         Hit Harm 100%

         Hit Chance 10%

         Damage Increase 60%

  Wind's Edge (tessen)

         100% Energy Damage

         50% Swing Speed Increase

         50% Damage Increase

         +10% Defence Chance Increase

  Darkened Sky (kama)

         50% Cold Damage

         50% Energy Damage

         Swing Speed Increase 25%

         Damage Increase 50%

         Hit Lightning 60%

  The Horselord (yumi)

         Hit Stamina Leech 50%

         Hit Lower Defense 50%

         Spell Channeling (No Penalty)

         Damage Increase 50%

         Dexterity Bonus 5


  Rune Beetle Carapace (platemail do)

         Lower Mana Cost 15%

         Mana Increase 10

         Mana Regeneration 3

         Cold Resist +12%

         Energy Resist +12%

         Mage Armor

         Lower Requirements

  Kasa of the Raj-in (Kasa)

         Fire Resist +12%

         Cold Resist +12%

         Energy Resist +12%

         Poison Resist +12%

         Spell Damage Increase 12%

  Stormgrip (leather ninja mitts)

         Cold Resist +15%

         Energy Resist +15%

         Intelligence Bonus 8

         Lower Reagent Cost 25%






Misc. Items

  Tome of Lost Knowledge (spellbook)

         Not Blessed

         Spell Damage Increase 15%

         Magery +15

         Lower Mana Cost 15%

         Intelligence Bonus 8

  Pigments of Tokuno (10 rare hues, 20 uses)

         Paragon Gold

         Violet Courage Purple

         Shield of Invulnerability Blue

         Luna Lance White

         Dryad Bow Green

         Shadow Dancer Leggings Black

         Berserker?s Maul Red

         Nox Ranger?s Crossbow Green

         Admiral?s Hearty Rum Red

         Tunic of Fire Orange