We're building our table today!



Well it's finally time to put up a train table.  My kid are still asleep so I got started by myself. (we were all up at least till 2:00AM)

I had to clean up the old plywood.  I used Liquid Nails on the old layout to hold down the cork and the track.  Never again!!!!  Man that stuff is hard to get off.  This time I will use clear caulk.

The odd shaped piece leaning on the wall was a full sheet on the old layout but I used it to patch the kitchen wall after we fixed the broken water line last year. (I only need a 2x2 1/2 foot piece anyway)



My daughter finally got up and is helping me now. (my son showed up around the crack of noon)

Before cutting the board you want to make sure the tack will have room for whatever radius you will be laying. We're using some old 18" radius sectional track to measure it.  We will be laying flex track for the layout.

I would hate to have the table built and find out the track hangs off the edge by a few inches

Even the dog wants to help me!

There was very little cutting on the plywood.  I am using the plywood from my last layout (1994) and it is pretty close to the right size.  I used some 1x2 strips and 2x2's to make the legs.

I also have 1x2's making an L attached to the bottom of the plywood.  I then attach the legs to the L's.  That way all the screws are accessible from under the table, and not under a mountain!

Maybe I will add a better picture of the legs in case anyone cares.

Ok so someone asked to see the legs a little better so I added these next 3 shots.

2x2 legs with 1x2 cross supports.

Again you may notice that all screws are accessible from the bottom of the layout.

Add a piece across two legs for added support.   I may trim it to fit later, or not...

1x2's screwed together to make the L.  Then the legs screw onto the L's.

A short piece of scrap board to hold table sections together.  I have 3 sections.
It's basically 9'x7' with a walk in section.  This lets folks get closer to the action and allows me to reach all parts of the layout easily.

I'm no carpenter but I think this will work ok.  It is very steady and somehow it is actually level!


We used a jig saw to curve the corner near my work desk.  I took about 6" off the corner by the desk. Otherwise this is a full 4x8 sheet.

It is a small L shaped walk way.  The long side is 20" wide and the little end is only 18"wide.  No one will be passing anyone that's for sure.  But it gets the job done with the space allowed.



Here you can see the curved section near my desk.  Not very exciting but there it is.

I overlook my train empire.  I can almost see the trains running already!

Time to go to Chili's for breakfast.


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