These are a few sigs I've made.  Nothing major, just doing 'em for myself

I'm running out of ideas.                                

The skull is from a sig Chinalilly made for Halloween.  She gave it to me on Stratics.




I have "doctored" a few as well.  This is my daughters sig. It had her name on it so we had to use it.  Quite simply I stole it from a Stratics poster.  I modified it some but it does still have the copyright info on it. I added the second archer (in green) She only uses it for e-mail so I hope it's ok.  I never saw anyone else using the name Aleena. (I don't even know where my wife found the name for our daughter)

Actually I just noticed it has two different copyrights on it.  Oh well.

 (I think it may have been made by Chinalilly?)