This is our shed at the beginning of this project.  As you can see it needs a LOT of work.  The pictures don't really show the room layout, it is 10' x 13'.  We should get a pretty good train set going on in here.  The current track plan is 60 sq feet.  The neighbors loved when we cleaned out the shed, we put out some pretty good junk.  A nice bicycle and a Fisher Price pool table (both too small for the kids now).  As well as various old shelves and god knows what else.  Our curb is a good community recycling center, nothing stays there for too long.


We have some old lumber from our previous layout. hopefully we can use most of it to save on cost a bit.
My work desk.  Not much going on here so far.  I have another work desk in the living room to work on stuff inside (I did mention I was divorced right?)
At least we have an air conditioner for it.
...and some ceiling work to do.
Ok it ain't perfect but the ceiling is as fixed as it's gonna get.  I'm in this hobby to build scenery and models, not fix ceilings.

Now I can start building the table.

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