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Talk Like A Pirate Day Sept 19th  Link to the OFFICIAL Talk Like a Pirate day website. 

Biographies  Short bio's of some of the big names in piracy.

Sea Shanties  Lyrics to some of the good ol' pirate songs.

Pipin' Pirate Sounds  Some fun pirate wav's and mid's.

Types of pirates  What IS the difference between a pirate and a buccaneer?? 

Naval Weaponry Lots of sharp pointy fun.

Art Gallery  

Pirate Speak  For them as needs some 'elp in thar' fancy words.

Pirate Articles Copies of the Articles (ship's contract) from the ships of Bartholomew Roberts, John Phillips and  Thomas Tew.





Pirates of The Caribbean  A tribute to the best ride in the world! (I exaggerate a little??)

Beginnings  The early days of animatronics, Disney pirate style

Pirates of the Caribbean Audio Treasures

Pirates of the Caribbean Desktop Treasures - Still working on it.



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