Site Reference Sources

      Below is a list of internet and book sources that were of a great help in the making of this website, including the individual pirate biographies. Without whose hard work and research into the subject these pages would not have been possible. I have attempted to verify much of the information used on this site by comparing different sources. But with some of the information shown I could not find a second source to confirm it's accuracy. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between truth and fiction when dealing with Piracy of Old. As the personal accounts and events written about took place over two hundred years ago. So many stories and tales have been told over the years that they begin to merge fantasy with reality. Therefore if you are using this website to help you write an historically factual account, you should keep this in mind and try to find other sources to check there accuracy.

Internet Sources

Piece of Eight Pirate's Den (no longer online)

Captain Blood's Haven (no longer online)

In Search of Blackbeard (no longer online)

Quest for a Pirate (no longer online)

Pirates, Privateers, and Buccaneers (no longer online)

Sir Francis Drake (no longer online)

The Maritime History Virtual Archives (no longer online)

The Pirate's Library (no longer online)

Maritime History on the Internet (no longer online)

Pirates of the Caribbean (no longer online)

Pirate's Hold

Book Sources

A General History of the Robberies and Murders of the
Most Notorious Pyrates - by Captain Charles Johnson

Under the Black Flag - by David Cordingly

Pirates and Piracy - by David Reinhardt

The History of Piracy - by Phillip Gosse

Pirates - Stewart Ross