Java Games

Here are some Java Script games. I know they work on IE5, they should work on Netscape. If there are any problems with them please let me know by using the mail link .

On to the games. Some of the script takes too long to load because of the amount of gif files in use. Sorry but I don't know any other way to get the games to work.

    Tower of Hanoi.  Move the blocks from Tower 1 to Tower 3.

    Tic-Tac-Toe. It has a pretty good AI and keeps score.

The checkers game is pretty simple to beat. The computer is a beginning player. You are the red player. Follow the online prompts.

Hangman. Pretty hard sometimes. I did not provide the words for this. I cut and pasted it from a dictionary. I will try to customize the words one of these days.

This is a cute little Magic Eightball. Ask it a question if you dare.

    Blackjack.  Try to get 21 but don't go over.

  Lights Out.  Try to turn off all the lights with the fewest moves.

Only one puzzle so far. Give me time I'm working on it. Use the pull down menus for clue/word selection. Then submit guess with the submit button. The redraw button is only for the rare occasions that a letter does not appear properly.


Please Email with your comments or suggestions. I appreciate your input.

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