Putting Down the Foam



Click to see the track plan.  We opted for less track/more scenery.  I am more into the 'model' side of model railroading.
Well we decided on a track plan.  So now we get to try and lay our foam risers/inclines and see how it looks.

This loop will enclose our circus.  I plan on motorizing all the rides.  Our circus will be in town everyday!

We are using the Woodland Scenics foam risers and inclines.  They are a little pricey but are so easy to use we couldn't resist.

We are using scrap track to check the radius and fit of the track (18" radius)

We are adjusted the layout on the fly.  Our drawings didn't really fit well in the real world.  (I'm just using old sectional track to test fit, I will use flex when I lay the track)

I am 1 piece of 1" riser short.  I will have to make something to fit.  I'm not buying another $10 pack for just one piece.  I seem to have 6 extra 2" risers though.

The lower loop will all be in a tunnel.  The big pile of junk on the table will be transformed into a town. (the town is waiting patiently on my desk)  Elvis Costello is playing on the MP3 player.

We went ahead and opened the turnouts and laid this section of track with sewing pins and test ran the switch area.  The incline is kind of scarily close to the turnout.  Luckily it all works!

WE put cardboard around the layout as a profile board.  After we put the plaster on we will be adding masonite over the cardboard for the real profile board.
Putting in the newspaper and foam for our ground levels.  The 2 pieces of foam here will probably be removed.  Our Circus is going here so I want it pretty level but I think we will take this section down to table level.

I got an e-mail from 1st place hobbies.  My circus is on the way to town!!!!  I highly recommend 1st place hobbies.  They are very inexpensive and shipping is fast!

I'm starting the tunnel form here. I cut some foam to make the tunnel portal.  I made sure our plaster tunnel portal fits just right. (Woodland Scenics tunnel portals)  I think I'd better lay the foam roadbed and track inside the tunnel before I plaster.  

The yellowish foam is from an old foam ice chest.  I have no idea where it came from but it gave it's life for our train set so we do appreciate it.

This area will be our town....as yet unnamed.

My daughter cut a small gorge and is getting a space ready for a river.  She is planning on scratch building a trestle bridge for it.

Tomorrow we get to play with plaster!!

Well we finally got plastered! I used the cardboard as a temporary profile board. I will be putting masonite around it now that the plaster has made it's mess. I have a big area marked to cut out on the back side of the tunnel. (for access) It looks a little tight in the picture but it is 18" radius.
My circus corner. And my daughters river.
I will be adding a thin layer of regular plaster to smooth the surface up some. (It really doesn't look as bumpy in real life)

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