Flat Stanley travels the globe.


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Flat Stanley has begun his journey around the globe.  So far he has only made a couple stops in Dallas.  But he has plans for Orlando in March 2009, and Cancun in June 2009.  Too bad he missed Hawai'i 2008.  Oh well we can take him next time.


The thumbnails link to pics about 1200x1100, 200-400 kb at 72 DPI.  Here is a big zip file with the full size 300 DPI pics, 7.5 Mb btw, if you feel the need (I'm talking to you Deni).

First stop is in front of city hall. Here is our cool looking city hall (it was cool in the 1970's). You may have seen it in a few movies. Unfortunately Stanley set off a cattle stampede.
He helps the cowboys gather the cattle together. Stanley even learned how to ride a bull. After getting paid for his help he goes off to the bank.  He doesn't know the difference between a bank and the Federal Reserve.  Do you?

See?  I missed my true calling.  I should write kids books (with other peoples characters, of course).



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