Our Train Diorama
We haven't ever really done scenery before, as I explained on the first page.  So we decided to make a little diorama to try out our scenery skills.  
Day one

We started with a scrap piece of plywood.  I didn't measure it but it is about 18"x 2 1/2'.  I just used cardboard for the profile board for this, I will use something better for the layout (what to use??? I'm open to suggestions)

I will be using Woodland Scenics risers and inclines for the trackbed so I used a riser here for testing.  The Woodland Scenics foam system is a bit pricey but for the trackbed it is worth it I think.  We made a tunnel form out of cardboard but will use foam or plaster forms for the layout.  The wadded up paper for the basic shape of the hill and river.
Applied Woodland Scenics plaster cloth to the whole thing.  I decided I don't like it as much as I thought I would.  I will us the plaster cloth for some of the layout but will stick with the tried and true cardboard basket weave and plaster soaked paper towels.

Letting the plaster dry overnight.

Day two.

We spray painted the diorama with brown and blue spray paint just for a base.  Then added the tunnel portal and culvert.  Had to add some plaster cloth to fit it all together better.  Layed, laid, ummm... put down the cork and track with caulk.  (Need to get clear caulk for the real thing, but had white at the house already) 

Touched up the brown spray paint to cover the new plaster.  Added ballast but the picture was taken before I cleaned up the excess off the track. (yes I can see it is not a real tunnel)
We started added scenery in stages.  My son and daughter took sections to do as well.  We covered the whole thing with grass but didn't get a picture of it.  
Hey look we added our first tree! (won't be many on this)  The glue is still wet so you see Elmers white.  It will dry clear.
Day three. (could have day two but we cleaned out the shed)

Added a couple more trees, and hot glued a rock (Woodland Scenics mold with Hydrocal) The rock was painted by my daughter and looks much better in person.  This part of north Texas is made of white rock so that is what she was making.  The colors look nice here but not so good in the picture. 

Put a couple cars on to see how the ballast worked out (it worked out fine, thanks for asking)

I told those kids it's not safe to play on the tracks but they don't listen to me.

Added some rocks and talus to the river bed.  Will add the 'water' tomorrow (or the next day?)
The thinker on the rock is hard to photograph.  But the lichen, talus, turf, and poly fiber look ok so far. (hey it is our first try, cut us some slack)  I added more stuff to the right of the rock later, too much brown showing through.
We still need to add the water but I am waiting for the heat gun I ordered before I do it.

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