Chainmaille Odds & Ends





Not a very good picture of my sporran chain-before/after. The lower chain is Half Persian 3-1. (I really need a better camera!)




On the left is the original watch my daughter wanted me to fix for her.  On the right is the new band.  The center row I left, per her request.  The outside rows are 20 1/8 Stainless Half Persian 3-1.  The inner rows are 18 3/16 Nickel Silver Spiral weave. I was actually pretty happy with this piece.  Although it was probably too much effort for a $15 watch.



Here is a E4-1 ring I made for my daughter (well she stole it from me-same thing) It is 20 1/8 Brass & 22 3/32 Stainless in a simple European 4 in 1 weave.  I was very careful with the closures but as she wears it the rings open up.....maybe brass and small stainless is not a good choice for a teenager?  This has since come apart.  I need stronger rings or a better weave for a ring.  Oh well that is why I experiment.




My first two crosses.  Both Helm weave.  The left one is 16 1/4 stainless & 18 3/16 Nickel Silver.  The right one is 16 5/16 Bright Aluminum & 16 1/4 Bronze.  The right one was a commission for my ex-wife.



A wallet chain.  Made for my ex-wife's husband for x-mas 2007.  14 3/8 titanium in a HP 4-1 weave.  Clip from Tandy Leather.  Man that titanium sure puts up a fight!  (and ruins lineman pliers)



Here are two holiday ornaments I made for a "white elephant" party X-mas 2007.  The stats are difficult on these, they were made with misc rings laying around, lucky for me I have plain glass ornaments laying around too.



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