Various Bracelets


My first bracelet.  A Half Persian 4-1 weave using 16 5/16 rings.
EPDM (rubber) and anodized aluminum 16 5/16.  These are fun because the rubber rings allow it to stretch so you don't need a clasp.
I was really happy with my first elf weave bracelet.  It is a very fun weave to do.  Just a bit time consuming (almost 8 hours, I have to got to get this one faster).  This is 18 3/16 stainless steel.  I broke 2 of the tube clasps, with gentle wearing, so I switched it to a toggle, and swore I'd not buy the tube clasp anymore (awesome as it looks, at around $10 each I expected a little more life out of them).

I actually got to sell one!  My first real sale! (woo-hoo!)  


This an interesting weave.  It is kind of like one half of a Full Persian 6-1.  It is a 16-1/4 Bright Aluminum Forars Kaede bracelet.


My daughter finally bugged me enough to make her a Foxtail weave bracelet (the black one)  It is 16 5/16 black EPDM rings.  The black aluminum ring is the only metal ring in it.  It is a VERY stretchy bracelet!  Fun to make but it did hurt my thumb a bit.  We must suffer for our art.

Here is a bunch of stretchy bracelets and some key chains, in cancer awareness colors, for the North Texas Irish Fest 2008.  We are selling them to raise money for the American Cancer Society. 




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