Chainmaille samples


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A sample of my messy desk.  First week doing maille. Working on a juggling ball.

The coin purse was my first piece, juggling balls second. The others are just messing around. My full persian key chain, a dream catcher (later incorporated into my hat band), and a scrap of helm & E4-1.  Mostly 16 5/16 Bright Aluminum, and the juggling balls are a kit from The Ring Lord.



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Here is the front & back of a commemorative coin from Scarborough Faire 2006 season.  The wrap is 20 1/8 brass and stainless steel. I am not completely happy with it but would rather poke my eyes out than take it apart again!  This piece took way too long! :) Getting the right size was a bit tough, but fun....somehow.




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