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We will continue our introduction to our magical world of Sosaria.  I hope that you have selected a shard and begun your journey by now.  I would like to discuss a little more in depth about skills, stats, armor etc...



Stats Basic Templates Resists
Facets Reputation (Fame/Karma)
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The Status bar

  Strength   Hit Points   Total Stat Points Weapon Damage   Physical
  Dexterity   Stamina Points   Luck Gold
   Intelligence   Mana Points Weight Current/Max Followers


One of the main considerations in your character is the control of your Stats.  A new character will have 80 stat points.  If you use a pre-made template the stat levels are selected automatically.  If you create your own character you can adjust the 80 points as you wish.  Your stat points will raise with skill use.  It does not matter which skills you are using.  The stats can gain 1 point every10-15 minutes, for a total of 225.   You can use a Powerscroll to raise your max stats up to 250. On the status bar your stat point total is displayed by the open book icon.  On the status bar you can set your stats to go up, go down, or lock them.

Health is displayed by the red drop (blood?)  Your strength  determines your health points.  Currently HP is 1/2 Strength + 50.   A warrior needs high strength for the armor & weapons.  A blacksmith/crafter  will need high strength simply to be able to carry more ore & lumber.  Most people put around 100 points into strength, for the health points.  As you may have already found, if you run out of HP you get to play as a ghost for a while.

Stamina is displayed by the yellow running man.  Your stamina is based on your dexterity.  The higher Dex you have the more often you can hit your target with a weapon.   If you run low on stamina you will have to rest until it raises back up.  

Mana is displayed by the blue Ankh.  It is determined by your Intelligence.  Mages will require very high Mana for spell casting, and Warriors need some Mana for special combat moves.  Warriors must carefully balance their dexterity and intelligence.




Different monsters and weapons will deal different types of damage.  The damage types are: Physical, Fire, Cold, Poison, and Energy.  Your armor is rated for resistance to each damage type.  As you examine your armor you will notice the various amounts of resistances listed.  The totals of each resistance will affect the amount of each damage type you receive.  The maximum resist is 70 in each type.  You need to know what type of damage each monster deals, so you know which resist to buff up.  Ideally you will put together a suit with straight 70's.  (That can be much harder than it sounds.) 

Your weapons and spells will deal different amounts of each damage as well.  For the tougher creatures in-game you will ensure you use the right damage type.  The Bestiary chart is a very handy tool for determining what spell or weapon to use on each creature.


Basic Templates:

Complementary Skills

When choosing your skills you must consider how they compliment each other.  A warrior with high weapon skill but no tactics will not be very effective.  There are over 50 skills to choose from so the templates available are virtually endless.  Some templates will, of course, work better than others.  Here are some different combinations of complimentary skills.  Use your imagination and you can make your character anything you want.


          Warrior Professions:

         Melee Fighters - Start with:  Parrying, Anatomy, and one weapon skill (Mace, Fencing, or Swords)
         Additions: Healing, Tactics, Focus
          Paladin - Start with: Chivalry, Focus, Weapon skill (Mace, Swords, Fencing, Archery)
Additions: Tactics, Anatomy, Healing, Parry
          Necromancer - Start with: Necromancy, Spirit Speak, Weapon skill
Additions: Resist, Tactics, Anatomy


Archer Professions:

Archers - Start with: Archery, Bowcraft, Lumberjack
Additions: Tactics, Healing, Anatomy, Focus

Bards - Start with: Musicianship, Provocation, Archery
Additions: Peacemaking, Discord
Field Medic - Archery, Healing, Anatomy
Additions: Tactics, Magery

Ranger - Start with: Archery, Tracking, Animal Taming
Additions: Animal Lore, Veterinary, Magery

Mage Professions:

Tank Mage - Starts with: Magery, Weapon skill, Healing
Additions: Meditation, Evaluate Intelligence, Resistance, Tactics, Anatomy

Pure Mage - Starts with: Magery, Evaluate Intelligence, Resisting, Meditation
Additions: Wrestling, Alchemy, Inscription, Poison

Craftsman and Tradesman:

Playing a Craftsman gives you a very wide selection of skills.  You can be a pure crafter with very little defensive or offensive skills. Or you may want a crafter that can defend himself (or at least get away from trouble)

Crafting skills: Blacksmith, Carpenter, Mining, Tinker, Tailor

Offensive skills: Magery, Tactics, Swordsmanship/ Lumberjack (Swords & Lumberjack give you a bonus with axes)
Defensive skills: Hiding, Stealth




Each Shard is made up of Facets.  Currently there are five Facets: Trammel, Malas, Ilshenar, Tokuno Islands, and Felucca.  Tram, Malas, Tokuno, and Ilsh are the PVM shards (player vs. monster) They have limited PVP (player vs. player) You can fight other players if you are in the same Guild or Guilds that are at war with each other.  Fel has what they call "enhanced" PVP.  Anyone is attackable by anyone.  If you are the aggressor and you kill another player they have the option of giving you a murder count.  If you get too many murder counts your character becomes red and can no longer go to Tram, Malas, or Ilsh.  As a "young" player you can not go to Fel so this is not a concern initially.  There are as many "playstyles" as there are players.  Some PVP only, others PVM only, some will do a mixture of PVP, PVM or PK  (player killing).  As you advance in your skills you will find what style of play you enjoy.

Trammel and Felucca are virtually mirrors of each other. (except for the rules) There are some differences but they are not very major.  The Trammel city of Haven is in the same location as the Felucca city of Ocllo, the Dungeons have a different monster spawn, and Felucca yields double resources (lumber, ore etc...)     Malas is mostly land for housing. There is one dungeon, Doom.  Doom has some of the highest loot giving monsters in Britannia.  Ilshenar is an advanced hunting ground.  It has limited access to magic transport spells so you will have to walk/ride to your destination.  There are some very good hunting grounds if PVM is your interest.  The Tokuno Islands are the newest land and have an oriental theme.  You should explore the new lands for yourself but be warned some the critters here are very tough! (but fun)              


Reputation (Fame/Karma) 

"If your heart is true, don't kill blue"  Prima's UO Playguide

Your actions in-game will affect your reputation.  The reputation is shown in your title, it is determined using your fame and karma points.  Both are raised & lowered on a sliding scale.  Your Karma will start out neutral and can go up or down from there.  (Like a number line, start at zero and go positive or negative.)  Fame is how well known you are in Britannia.  Fame starts at zero and goes up.  It can go down, but only to zero, there is no negative fame.  Your deeds, for good or bad, are well known in our gossipy land. 

As your karma goes up it will not go down on it's own.  Good deeds don't go unrewarded in life.  If you are trying to get a lower title you may consider locking your karma. You can go to any shrine and use the context menu on the ankh to lock your karma.  This will keep you from raising your title while killing monsters. 

Fame can go down a few ways.  If you are killed you will lose a lot of fame. It will also simply fade over time; you may have done some great deeds before but what have you done lately??  

On this chart you can see that Karma goes up and down and the Fame goes right to left.  As your fame/karma points go up, down, around and round, your title will change accordingly.




highest  Trustworthy Estimable Great Glorious Glorious Lord/Lady
Honest Commendable Famed Illustrious Illustrious Lord/Lady
Good Honorable Admirable Noble Noble Lord/Lady


Kind Respectable Proper Eminent Eminent Lord/Lady
A Fair Upstanding Reputable Distinguished Distinguished Lord/Lady
R none Notable Prominent Renowned  Lord/Lady
M Rude Disreputable Notorious Infamous Dishonored Lord/Lady
A Unsavory Dishonorable Ignoble Sinister Sinister Lord/Lady
Scoundrel Malicious Vile Villainous Dark Lord/Lady
Despicable Dastardly Wicked Evil Evil Lord/Lady
lowest Outcast Wretched Nefarious Dread Dread Lord/Lady

There is no menu or pop-up to show you your actual fame/karma points.  You can gauge your position simply by your title.  In any hunters guide (I don't have one yet, and probably won't)  the monsters are listed by their level, and sometimes the actual point value.  The higher (or lower) you go the harder each level is to attain.  To go from Glorious to Glorious Lord takes some pretty serious monster bashing.  About the only thing "evil" enough to get Dread Lord is murdering other players.   

As an illustrious warrior you will not move any higher by killing cows (the Uber Cows sometimes on Test Center....who knows)  For example the Solen Infilltrator Queen is a level 4 monster.  She will take you up and over to Illustrious. (think of "none" as level 0/1) Level 4 Fame and level 4 Karma would put you at Illustrious.  My fisherman pretty much stays Admirable.  He fights mostly sea serpents, they are level 3 apparently (no I have not looked them up)

If you accidentally do too much evilness your karma can get locked on it's own. If you wish to unlock it you will need to go to any of the shrines and say the proper mantra for that shrine.

Compassion mu
Honestly ahm
Honor summ
Humility lum
Justice beh
Sacrifice cah
Spirituality om
Valor ra
Chaos bal




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