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The Rune library is located in Great Lakes, Malas, at 56o 9N,  39o 47W  I have all the T-Map runes for Trammel..

To use my T-Map locator you simply follow the links below.  It is all based on the map pictures to try and make it easier to locate the map if you do not know what section of the world it is in.  The page will list the Long/Lat of the map.  You use UOAutomap and plug in the coordinates.  The T-Maps are listed in UOAutomap in a slightly odd format (ie NWSE3a)    The rune books are labeled and the runes all have the UOAutomap locator tag as their name.  If you are not on Great Lakes this will still be a good reference.  Use UOAutomap and drop a marker at the map location and start traveling.

There has been an oddity with the release of AOS (big surprise).  The Long/Lat on this site and UOAutomap are right but when you go to my rune books the coordinates displayed in the book are wrong.  BUT the runes still take you to the right T-map location.

Also make sure and check out the UO Treasure Hunter Tools.  An awesome application for tracking you T-Maps.


Good luck and happy hunting!!



Here's some good T-Hunting  tips, lockpicking requirements, map spawns, treasure monster spawn etc...





Click here if the treasure site you seek is on an island




Click here for a big page of all maps.  With Long/Lat, and the THB Map numbers.


Click here if the treasure site you seek is on the mainland

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