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UOA is the best UO application program ever made. It makes your UO life so  much easier it is amazing. It will do all the little annoying things for you that take up so much of your game time. UOassist comes with a free 7-14 day trial period and then costs only $15 US to own it permanently. I would encourage anyone who has never tried it to give it a shot.   For more information on downloading and so on go to www.tugsoft.com or more directly http://www.tugsoft.com/UOAssist/GetUOAssist.htm to read up on the whole installation process. You will have to pay a one time $15 fee for each account you use UOA on but it is a lifetime registration.  All updates are free, and if you sell the account the UOA is still active on the account.

What does UOAssist do??  Well here's a few things it does nicely:




I will try to post some UOAssist tips here.  Although it is possible to copy a pre-written macro into your UOA folder I feel it is better just to record them yourself.  So I will probably not be including any cut and paste macros.  I will be dealing mostly with the how's and why's.  The macros are really easy enough to record yourself, once you know what to do.  I am still experimenting and learning so feel free to e-mail me with any macro tips you have and I will gladly add them here.

The first one is my favorite.  I got the directions from a Stratics poster (sorry I forgot who or when)  It is a combination of the internal UO macro and a UOA macro.

Disarm/Drink Potion/Rearm:  

I finally got it working. UO and UOA both have to run a macro at the same time. In UO, set up a macro that looks like the following:

"arm/disarm" -> "left"
"delay" -> "20"
"arm/disarm" -> left"

Assign a key, for example Alt-D to it and save it in UO.

Then in UOAssist, record a macro by doing something useless at the beginning (I typed "hello"...you have to do this because you can't insert a delay before an action, only afterwards) then double click the potion you want to drink which was, in my case, Greater Cure. Stop recording the macro. Now edit the UOA macro by putting in a delay of 1200 after your first useless line in the macro and change your "use item" to "use item type" on the third line. Finally delete the first line so your UOA macro looks like this:

"delay" -> "1200"
"use item type"

Now name the macro and lock it. For example lets say we used Macro 1. Now go to your "Keys" tab of UOAssist and scroll down until you get to "Play Macro 1". Assign the key the same key that you used for the UO macro (Alt-D in my example) and click the "Pass key to UO". <----- VERY important! And easy to forget :) 

That's it. I played with the delays for hours to see how quick I could get it but have it consistently work all the time while fighting and stuff. The delays I put in this post are my final recommendations. They still work much faster than me hitting 3 key combos to do all that. I say it all happens in less than 1.5 secs.

View Yourself As

Ever get tired of running around as a person all the time? Ever go to a event and find it hard to follow your character through a crowd? Ever tried role playing a Orc and you just can't get into character? If you answered YES to any of these questions then the "view yourself as" option was made just for you.

By clicking on the display tab along the top of your assist you can access the "view yourself as" option. It is located in a drop down box in the bottom right hand corner. Simply click on the arrow and choose what kind of monster or animal you wish to view yourself as. (Although keep in mind you will still appear normal to everyone else.) You can choose from a decent sized group of monsters and animals. Just a few of your choices include, multiple types of Orc, Lizard and rat men, Ettins, Deamons, chickens and much much more!

**The "View yourself as" option also is good for when you are dead. When viewing yourself as something else, you see the world in color, and can also pull lifebars and stuff, which you ordinarily can't do while dead.

Sell Agent

One of my favorite options with UO assist is the Sell Agent .
The sell agent can be used to sell multiple items to a vendor at one time, with one simple command.

The sell agent can be reached by selecting the Agents tab at the top of your assist. Select Sell agent from the agents drop down list.

There are two MAIN ways to use the sell agent.

1.) Setting the Hot-Sell Bag- Simply click the hot bag button and target the container you wish to use as your sell container. Now simply select the vendor sell option from the vendors context menu and everything that is eligible to be sold in the hot bag will be sold all in one shot! All the gold will be deposited in your bag in one lump sum, unless you are too full in which case a check will be deposited in your bank.

2.)Selecting Item Types.- If you do not wish to use the hot bag method, you can simply click the add button and add individual item TYPES by targeting the item in your bag. Keep in mind though that any and all items of that type will be sold all at once. Once again to trigger the sell agent simply choose vendor sell from the context menu on the vendor or just say Vendor Sell.

I prefer the Hot Sell Bag myself so I don't accidentally sell something important.  The sell item type WILL sell everything of that type that you have.  Will your Leggings of Embers in your backpack count as platemail legs???  Why risk it?

Mouse Scroll Wheel: 

I personally hate the zoom in/zoom out default for the scroll wheel.  I never could get UO to assign the scroll to any macro.  UOA will assign the mouse wheel to a macro!!!  My Paladins use mouse-wheel-up for Holy Light, and mouse-wheel-down for Consecrate Weapon.



The UOA macros are invaluable for Lockpicking training.  You can record a macro at a lockpicking house (like mine on Great Lakes) or in your own pack.  To record the macro I would have a container of 20 boxes and a ring of 20 keys (the max) I record the macro in sets of 5, pick 5 boxes, then relock the same 5 boxes.  Keep recording the macro for all 20 boxes in the container.  I always try to keep a separate macro for each container.  You can record a looong macro and try to pick more than 20 but you may run out of lines (200 line macro limit) I would just get confused with where I was.  Doing 20 at a time worked very well for me.  

I used to have three bags on my Beetle (each containing 20 chest's, and 1 keying).  As I ride around I would use a UOA macro to pick/relock the chests.  You must have the bag of chest's in your backpack to record the macro but once it is recorded you can keep the bags in your beetle and run the macro while mounted.  A great way to train the boring early stages of lockpicking and still training a weapon or magery skill.  Just let the macro run while fighting critters!  As you train you will fail a lot when picking the lock so you will leave quite a few still locked, then when the 'relock' macro runs you will inadvertently unlock some instead of locking them.  Don't worry about it, it will all work out.  The gains are slow and painful through most of your training.  Once you get over 95 you can not gain off a player made box, you have to go to a dungeon.  This gets to be more fun because you finally start to get some gold for your effort!

Recording the Macro:

To prepare to record the lockpicking macro you need to open all the containers you have your locked boxes in.  Hit record and start going....  First double click your lockpicks, then target the first box. (don't worry if it unlocks or not you are just recording now) change the 'use item' to 'use item type'.   Then double click the key ring and relock the same boxes.  After each Target (the box) you have to set a delay.  I played around with it a lot and settled on 1000 as a good pause.  You can pick/relock in any fashion you like.  As I said I would pick 5 boxes, relock the 5, then do 5 more until all 20 were picked/relocked.  

For each box it should look a bit like this:

Use item type (lockpicks)

Target (the locked box)

Pause 1000

Target item (key ring)

Target (the unlocked box)

Pause 1000


When working any repetitive crafting skill where you can use the make last button on your tool you can easily record a macro.  Make an item first then hit record.  Click make last as many times as you see fit.  Then hit stop.  I name it 'Make Last' personally.  The same macro can be used on a variety of skills.  I had one crafter using the same macro for Tinkering, Alchemy, and Blacksmith during his training phase.  To use the macro you simply open the tool you want to use, make one item (i.e. plate arms) then start running the macro.  As soon as you start it running double click the tool you want and it will make (or attempt) as many as you recorded.  

For Mana depleting skills (Inscription) you have to make sure and watch your mana.  I would insert a Wait command every 10 Recalls I made.  I would record a macro of 30 Recalls.  After 10 Recalls I pause 10,000  then hit my meditate button (on desktop)  Then set the Wait until mana is 100.  Then make 10 more....  You can set the Wait for health, mana, or stamina... The Wait command is on the Insert Extras section.



For training Inscription the 'make last' command is still very useful:

What I did with mine was record the 'make last' button three times. (vary this for the mana requirement)
Then pause for around 10,000.
Next Meditate.
Wait for mana to be at lest 100.
Make Last three times.
Then pause for around 10,000.
Next Meditate.
Wait for mana to be at lest 100.
Make Last three times.
Then pause for around 10,000.
Next Meditate.
Wait for mana to be at lest 100.

Do this as long as you want (up to 200 lines) Then while it's running just make sure you have scrolls and regs on you. I always did it at home with my supply box open, to restock myself. The 'make last' is a good way to do it so you can switch scrolls without making a new macro. Just make one of whatever you want and double click the tool after you start playing the macro. If the tool wears out just double click on another one and the macro continues on it's way.


Filling Alchemy Kegs: 

Hit Record.
Click on 'make last' until you feel you've had enough (50-200 times?) I usually did 50.
Stop recording.
Name macro something novel (Make Last?)
LOCK THE MACRO! I can't tell you how many times I had to re-record a macro because I forgot to lock it.

Ensure you have plenty of tools and regs on you (work out of the house or bank box to re-supply)

Now you simply make one of whatever you want to make. Put it in an empty keg. Keep one empty bottle in your backpack with the keg. Start playing the macro and double click your Mortar. It will make the potion and put it in the keg. You know you're finished when the bottle stays in your pack with the potion in it (the keg is full) If the Mortar wears out just double click another one and keep going.


Still one of my favorite game activities.

While recording:

Double click your fishing pole.

Target the water. (change to Target Relative Location)

Pause 10,000

Double click your fishing pole.

Target the water. (change to Target Relative Location)

Pause 10,000

Repeat for as long as you like. Save and lock the macro.  Using the 'relative location' aspect allow you to get on  your boat and go 'slow forward' and let the macro run.  I've GMed 2 fisherman and never did the whole 8x8 routine.  I found the 'slow forward' worked well enough.  When you pull up a Serpent just stop the macro, stop the boat, and kill the Loch Ness Critter. (Magery & Archery work great on Serpents)





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